Trump mocked over White House painting


The painting could be seen in Sunday night's episode of "60 Minutes", which interviewed Trump at the White House.

The artist behind the painting, Andy Thomas, told Inside Edition that he received a personal phone call from Trump, requesting his own.

Facing the prospect of an electoral defeat that could imperil his presidency, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he won't accept the blame if Republicans lose the House in November, arguing that he is "helping" Republican candidates in the midterms.

"It's social media. I don't call it tweeting", Trump said in an interview with Fox Business.

"It's really Donald Trump all over".

The Missouri painter, Andy Thomas, has done political works in the past.

Thomas made a similar version of the painting with Barack Obama and other Democratic presidents. He said that California Republican congressman Darrell Issa, whose portrait he had once painted, contacted Thomas's wife to say that he was going to show the artist's painting to President Trump.

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For example, while the other presidents have alcoholic drinks in front of them, a Diet Coke appears to be Trump's drink of choice.

In response to Trump's interview comments, another attorney for Cohen, Lanny Davis, said on Twitter that Cohen "acknowledged and took responsibility for @realDonaldTrump @POTUS bad behavior. I like that - be yourself", Thomas said.

Another wrote: "Here's Kamala walking toward the boy's club in that painting Trump hung in the White House".

It portrays a slimmed-down Trump in an idyllic scene, enjoying the company of his Republican predecessors, including Ronald Raegan, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, and both Bushes.

A post on Thomas' website said the painting had a "subtle feminist message" because there is a woman in the background walking toward the table.

According to the Daily Beast, Thomas admitted that Trump was "hard to paint" due to his skin tone and smile.

The goal of the meeting wasn't immediately clear, but both offices are continuing to investigate cases that relate to Trump entities and with which Cohen had professional involvement.