Pocahontas Descendant Calls on Warren to Apologize


The high-profile rollout of Elizabeth Warren's DNA test is causing more headaches for the Democratic senator, as the results fuel Republican critics' claims that she used a trace amount of Native American heritage to advance her academic career.

To begin with, some members of her family vehemently deny any talk of Indian ancestry in the family. Trump also thanked Cherokee Nation for their statement. "Let them have their story". She denied ever using this legend to get a job, and Harvard thought it was "diversifying" the faculty by hiring her. "She needs to ... apologize to everybody for what she has done".

Elizabeth Warren's strong stance in politics has her at odds to be the next President of the USA come 2020. But she then acknowledged she identified herself as Native American to both Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania after she was hired.

Then, a 1996 piece in Fordham Law Review celebrated Warren as Harvard Law School's "first woman of color".

She said she respects that distinction and doesn't list herself as Native American in the Senate.

Warren released the results of a DNA test this week showing that she may be anywhere between 1/64 and 1/1,024 Native American-but the definition included Mexican, Colombia, and Peruvian DNA. Hoskin accused Warren of "undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage". Warren's supporters were thrilled in 2016 when, despite her courtly professorial demeanor, she sounded willing to give as good as she got in her back-and-forth with Trump's smash mouth approach to politics. When pressed on the once-promised $1 million payment, Trump responded: "I didn't say that".

Unlike other states where some tribes live on separate, remote reservations, Oklahoma is a checkerboard of land where tribal members lived in the same communities with whites and intermarried over the generations, creating families with varying fractions of Native American heritage. "But if she's less than one tenth of one percent, I think I can beat her", he added. And it is backfiring on her.

"I feel betrayed because she wasn't".

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When asked for video footage on Khashoggi, Saudi officials reportedly told Republican Sen. "We can't let it happen". The Washington Post , where Khashoggi had been a regular contributor over the past year, also demanded answers.

Iranian-American state House candidate Anna Eskamani condemned a GOP senator who said it would be "terrible" to find out he had Iranian ancestry, calling the remarks "xenophobic" and "race-baiting". "And at this point, it has gotten to the point where it is ... disgusting to me and to the rest of the Native Americans, especially those of us inside the Cherokee Nation", Mullin said.

The US might still have several weeks to go before the 2018 midterm elections, but politicos and politicians alike are already thinking about 2020, when the US presidency is up for grabs. "The facts are what they are".

On top of all that, back in 1984, Warren not only appeared to plagiarize a recipe for a cookbook titled Pow Wow Chow, she signed her name, "Elizabeth Warren - Cherokee". Native American identity is not one of biology, but of culture.

Warren meanwhile, also took to Twitter, saying Trump "fumbled and lied on your $1 Million pledge".

"Pocahontas (the bad version), sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Warren, is getting slammed", Trump tweeted of his potential 2020 challenger.

Warren tweeted that Trump is a "cowardly elitist" and she "won't sit quietly for Trump's racism" so she took the test.

So, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has announced she commissioned a DNA test to address her long-standing claims of having Cherokee ancestry.