SNL's Trump Has a Kanye Revelation


Bebe Cool has also informed Kanye West that every local musician wants a collaboration with him but they are too shy to speak up.

It wasn't hard to predict which of this week's earth-quaking events Saturday Night Live would lampoon in their cold open.

"That's my brother. I love him, I support him", he said.

From there, Baldwin (Trump) remains silent but viewers get to hear his inner dialogue, which consists of things like "poopity scoop" and "oh, this guy might be coocoo". "We're gonna be digging bodies out of the ground".

"Oh my God, he's black me", the inner voice Trump says at another moment.

Nick Saban is downright miserable after Alabama’s 34-point win over Arkansas
Once again, Tagovailoa connected with Smith for a huge gain near the Arkansas 20 before cornerback Ryan Pulley forced a fumble. "We made a lot of mistakes on defense", said Saban after watching his team allow 405 yards to a one-win Arkansas team.

It is here when Trump has an internal monologue saying that he is "cuckoo" and how he "doesn't listen to anyone but himself".

Trump continues to talk to himself internally during Kanye's meltdown: "This could be good for me - this guy makes Brett Kavanaugh look calm and collected".

"I just got back my IQ scores and they were Mensa level 133, 98 percentile, like straight up Tesla vibes and I feel like when people try and tell me what to do, I feel like they're touching my brain". She commends Yeezy for being the first Black celebrity to seemingly befriend President Donald Trump. Eminem may have known that his fan base overlaps with Trump's supporters, or he may have caught on to the fact that his music "is more popular in parts of the USA that are disproportionately white".

"Oh my Lord. What have I gotten myself into?" thought Brown in voiceover.

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