WWE Under Pressure To Sever Ties With Saudi Arabia After Murder Allegations?


"People saw him go in and didn't see him come out".

Nour said he had lodged a complaint over the broadcast with the Attorney General's office, but no action has yet been taken.

Trump declined to say whom he talked with in the Saudi government. It's a very bad situation.

"We can not let this happen, to reporters, to anybody", Trump said.

According to the Washington Post, prior to his disappearance, Khashoggi had been inundated with government job offers and protection if he would move back to his home country.

The US treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, will represent the Trump administration, while other prominent figures scheduled to take part are Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, Stephen Schwarzman, the chief executive of the Blackstone Group, and Dara Khosrowshahi, the chief executive of Uber.

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a longtime critic of the Saudi government, has said he'll try to force a vote in the Senate blocking United States arms sales to Saudi Arabia. "Frankly I think that would be a very tough pill for our country to swallow".

The Post's report follows Defense Secretary James Mattis's remarks about Khashoggi's disappearance, in which he suggested the U.S. was keeping track of the developments.

After Trump spoke, the White House said national security adviser John Bolton and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, had spoken to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about the matter on Tuesday.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo then had a follow-up call with the crown prince to reiterate the U.S. request for information and a thorough, transparent investigation.

"In both calls, they asked for more details and for the Saudi government to be transparent in the investigation process", the White House said.

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After seeing how relaxed he was, I waited patiently and full of hope.

But that's not enough for Khashoggi's fiance, who wrote an op-ed Tuesday imploring "President Trump and first lady Melania Trump to help shed light on Jamal's disappearance".

Kaye spoke to The Associated Press moments after he and two colleagues called for an global, independent investigation into the disappearance of Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Erdogan has not accused Saudi Arabia of being responsible for Khashoggi's disappearance but has said that if the Saudis have footage of him leaving the consulate they should release it. Saudi Arabia is a major investor in Turkey, despite Ankara's support for the Gulf nation of Qatar, which is under a blockade led by Saudi Arabia and three other Arab nations.

The reports that have surfaced over the past days of what happened on that day indicate such an operation might have gone wrong, with Turkish officials saying Khashoggi was likely murdered inside the mission.

There was a detailed plan to entice Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia, according to the Post, which cites intelligence documents outlined by US officials.

But State Department deputy spokesman Robert Palladino told reporters they had no such tip.

Saudi Arabia remained silent as the images, though not offering definitive proof about Khashoggi's fate, played across television networks in Turkey and around the world.

But the Post reported that the Saudis haven't presented any evidence he left the building and say that their video cameras weren't recording at the time.

Khashoggi is a resident of the United States and has been living in Washington, D.C. The former editor-in-chief of a Saudi newspaper and then an advisor to Saudi government officials, in the past year Khashoggi had written columns critical of the Saudi goverment in the Post.

As a former intelligence official told the Post, intelligence officers must tell a person (whether a USA citizen or not) if he or she is in immediate danger of violence.