Facebook message about your account being cloned is a hoax


You got another Facebook friend request from me.

It then instructs you to hold your finger down and forward the message.

A new Facebook hoax is leading users to believe their account on the social network has been cloned.

If one of the messages is received, Kelso says users should simply ignore and delete the message.

Other easy steps to take to prevent being hacked on Facebook include regularly changing your password, reporting a hacked account, reporting suspicious messages or applications, and strengthening your other privacy settings. The messages are essentially the next generation of chain letters, purporting to provide important information - and dire consequences if not shared by the recipient. If you see a duplicate account using your name and photo, you can report it to Facebook.

Facebook does say hacking and cloning of accounts are possible but, the volume of these types of posts are not a good measure for how often impersonation is happening. Their account has not been hacked or compromised. You did not send anyone a friend request.

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But viral messages spreading in posts and messages suggest otherwise.

A Facebook official said that while there is no virus attached to the message, it should not be forwarded.

While cloned accounts can be an issue, the thing that's going around, is just a hoax.

Some Facebook users say they received a message warning them that their account has been cloned - but it appears that the real scam is the message itself.

Facebook account hacking has been a growing concern especially after it was revealed that a recent hack exposed the personal information of 50m users. And you're just making it worse. They'd send you a PM about it or perhaps post a comment on your timeline. It could be that well-meaning people have been sending the message without really thinking it through.