Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to the Supreme Court of the U.S.


Majority Leader Mitch McConnell scheduled the final vote on Kavanaugh's nomination to replace retired Justice Anthony Kennedy after the required 30-hour waiting period after passing a nominee from committee to the Senate vote, a procedure known as cloture. If they won't listen to our voices, then they'll listen to our vote'.

"The Democrats are willing to cause such destruction in the pursuit of power, just imagine the devastation they would cause if they ever obtained the power they so desperately want and crave", Trump said.

Mr Trump also said he was "100% certain" that the woman who had accused Mr Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford, had named the wrong person.

"Their rage-fueled resistance is starting to backfire", Trump told the audience, which responded with chants of Kavanaugh's name.

"I do not believe that these charges can fairly prevent Judge Kavanaugh from serving on the court", Collins said.

Protesters rallied against Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday as the Senate voted to confirm President Donald Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court.

Friday morning began with uncertainty over whether Senate Republicans had the support necessary to push the nomination across the finish line, but the day ended with confirmation all but assured after Republican Sen. Joe Manchin being the only Democrat who voted in favor of Kavanaugh. "It has never been refuted by anybody", said Sen.

Kavanaugh's upcoming confirmation, expected to be announced on Saturday evening, follows weeks of the Trump nominee defending himself against allegations of sexual assault and misconduct from a number of women.

Surprise! Democrats, Republicans at Odds Over Publishing FBI Findings on Kavanaugh
Joni Ernst in her Senate offices ahead of the Senate confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill in Washington on July 31. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said Kavanaugh could be excused for showing passion.

Shortly before the vote, Trump said Kavanaugh "will be a great justice of the Supreme Court".

Democrats and Republicans appeared to agree, at least superficially, on one thing: The behaviour of senators has been unbecoming. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., the minority leader.

At a Minnesota rally on Thursday, Trump launched his latest rhetorical attack on the political storm surrounding Kavanaugh's confirmation by saying Democrats were "trying to destroy" the Court of Appeals judge and predicting they would pay a price in the November elections.

"Shame! Shame! Shame!" one of them screamed. President Trump would have to submit another nominee.

Just weeks ago, Kavanaugh, 53, seemed a shoo-in for confirmation. He led Trump's commission that investigated voter fraud - ultimately failing to uncover evidence to back the President's claims. He went on to urge the crowd to go to the polls next month, telling them they "have a chance to stop the radical Democrats" by electing Republicans to Congress. Kavanaugh forcefully and tearfully denied the accusations in a fiery opening statement and was openly hostile toward Democrats as they questioned him about the alleged assault and his drinking habits.

As other women came forward with new accusations, Kavanaugh and Blasey testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, in a riveting scene that evoked strong memories of another contentious Supreme Court fight - the 1991 nomination of Judge Clarence Thomas, who was accused of sexual harassment by the law professor Anita Hill. Kavanaugh's high school and college past, including a history of heavy drinking, was exposed and his raw, emotional testimony - including barbed comments to his Democratic questioners - raised questions about his honesty and his temperament.

"An FBI investigation that did not include interviews of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh is not a meaningful investigation in any sense of the word".