Chancellor Philip Hammond has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson


But the biggest cheers from the audience "came when Johnson warned that the United Kingdom could not fudge Brexit now and get a better deal later, and when he defiantly called on the Government to "chuck Chequers", City A.M. says.

The profiles of former foreign secretary Mr Johnson and Environment Secretary Michael Gove were among those reportedly accessed.

"But we have been very clear, we have got to deliver a deal for the United Kingdom that's good for our economy, make sure people continue to have the opportunity to have job security and job opportunities for the future and respect that referendum and deliver on getting back control of our border, of our laws, of our money and that's what this package does".

She argues that her plan is the only way to avoid customs checks along the now invisible border between the U.K.'s Northern Ireland and European Union member Ireland - a development that would be troublesome for residents and businesses on both sides, and could undermine Northern Ireland's peace process. The Financial Times's Seb Payne described it as the "beginnings of a leadership bid".

But the conference has been dominated by Brexit, with eurosceptic lawmakers attracting hundreds of Conservative members to their events on the fringes.

Launching an extraordinary attack on senior Conservatives, he continued: "When you see these insane notions of some Tory politicians of the last days: Boris Johnson, his latest invention, you have seen that?"

He rejected as "total fantasy" the idea that it would be possible to "bodge" Brexit now and then negotiate a better deal after leaving in March 2019.

Scottish Tory MP Ross Thomson said Chequers was an "unmitigated disaster" and the Conservatives would face "severe" consequences at the ballot box for not properly delivering Brexit.

It is feared that will lead to the UK's ports and airports being thrown into chaos, and even a shortage in medicines as well as perishable foods.

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She said that "leaving without a deal - introducing tariffs and costly checks at the border - would be a bad outcome for the United Kingdom and the EU" - though she refused to rule it out.

"The conference is probably going to be another step towards the undermining of her leadership", Mr Bevington said.

Last week Mr Johnson argued for a "Super Canada-style" free trade deal that would have zero tariffs and zero quotas on trade between the United Kingdom and EU. However, critics said numbers could go up as more skilled migrants would be allowed in as businesses would be handed more power.

Labour says it would prefer a general election rather than a vote, but Ms May has ruled out both a second referendum and an early election.

Her own future remains full of uncertainty.

"Now it wouldn't surprise me if that team talk to their colleagues and say, "Listen, what are you doing in the UK?"

Tory backbencher James Duddridge said: "Turns out there is a plan".

He told the paper: "If President Macron thinks... we will come crawling back desperate to rejoin the club in a few years' time... it is a profound misreading of our character". "I believe we can get a good deal and that's what we are working for".

The uncertainty has led to business concerns that there will be no deal, potentially leading to tariffs and border delays.