Best Reason to Upgrade to iPhone XS? The LTE Speeds


With the iPhone XS and XS Max set to hit store shelves next week, the initial batch of iPhone XS and XS Max reviews are in and the overwhelming consensus is that both devices are quite impressive. Apparently Criado-Perez thinks that everyone at Apple has some sort of collective amnesia regarding gender differences (which don't exist, but do exist, please keep up) and are totally unaware of the opposite sex. Expect to see a new wave of apps as developers take advantage of neural network AI processing.

Apple Insider recently notice a new tool dubbed "Express Cards with power reserve" that was mentioned by the tech giant in its technical specifications for the product.

The iPhone SE was Apple's last 4-inch iPhone, which featured the body of the iPhone 5S but the internals of an iPhone 6S.

Cook also highlighted features of the new Apple Watch Series 4, with its built-in EKG by just placing your finger on the Digital Crown for 30 seconds, plus the new fall detection feature, which calls 911 if you fall and don't respond to the watch after a minute. They also have a new image sensor and processor, incremental changes to the X that allow for better photography.

Tim Cook has defended the price of Apple's new iPhones, insisting that "it's not cheap" to design the handsets.

That's right: In the same year, Apple released the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (ten).

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The feverishly-anticipated iOS 12 mobile operating system is now available to download on nearly all iPhones and iPads right now. Some of the changes are an extension of Apple's effort to help you limit the amount of time spent staring at your screen.

When the Apple iPhone X came along, I quickly jumped ship from the large iPhone 8 Plus I had been using for a while. The Xs starts at $999 while the Xs Max has a $1,099 price tag. There have always been "S" models - the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6S - for the in-between years. This is far better than the company's estimate of up to 20/12/14 hours for the iPhone XS, and better even than up to 25/13/15 hours for the iPhone XS Max.

Having so many different iPhone models gave Apple a big advantage: While most smartphone makers could only afford to focus on one phone launch at a time, Apple was selling phones for just about everyone, whether you wanted something affordable or high-end, big or small.

The XR will be out on 26 October.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS Max: Should You Upgrade?

At least there used to be. until the iPhone 7.