Nicki Minaj Says Cardi B Will Get Killed If She Attacks People


It's so insane to me that people always need to make Onika the bad guy...

Cardi B's post received over 3.2 million likes and more than 301,000 comments since it was posted, so it's safe to say that Cardi's supporters are on her side. The statement said that Nicki never made any comments about Cardi's daughter Kulture or Cardi's parenting. "But they don't know what type of disgusting pig this person is". 'I would never discuss anyone's child. We're not exactly sure how things started, but it ended with a shoe thrown at Nicki's head and Cardi with a bruise the size of a golf ball on her forehead. And you wanna let your publicist write something about stopping bags?

The Nicki Minaj and Cardi B beef is still very much ongoing, especially since Nicki hopped on her Beats 1 radio show today to talk about the infamous brawl that went down this weekend. The "I Like It" performer was shown on tape yelling "B***h come here" multiple times before removing her red platform sandal and thrusting it in Minaj's direction. "I've let a lot of s*** slide!" However, in stating her innocence, Minaj took a shot at Cardi's pen and business practices. "Nothing is off-limits. I hate when some people come at me like, 'Why you coming at kids for.' I'm my mother's baby". Cardi confronted Nicki at the Harper's Bazaar party in NYC to "address the lies Nicki was spreading", saying Nicki questioned her fitness as a mother. This s**t really is for entertainment'. The back of her dress was also torn.

Cardi B had a visible bump on her forehead as she left the party
CHARLES SYKES AP Cardi B had a visible bump on her forehead as she left the party

Alright I have to turn it over to you guys now. You're angry and you're sad.

"Get this woman some help", she insists. It's not clear as to how she sustained the injury, but there is speculation that Cardi B was elbowed by someone in Nicki's security detail. "You [are] calling Black women roaches, you getting girls beat up because of what your man [is] doing", Minaj asserted. You just had the biggest blessing of your life with a child, and in two weeks you have attacked three women-one at Fashion Week. What are your thoughts on this whole Nicki Cardi B feud?

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