Donald Trump: 'Bob Woodward is a liar'


Sanders tried to brush off the claims made in The New York Time anonymous op-ed and veteran journalist Bob Woodward's book as an event blown up by the media.

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"I find the reaction to the NYT op-ed fascinating - that people seem so shocked that there is a resistance from the inside", a senior official told Axios. So a reporter today asked Sanders what, specifically, the president believed warranted such an investigation.

When a different reporter later continued to press the issue, Sanders replied, "I'm not an attorney". Though claiming that the cabal had "many" members, he did not specify in which of the 300-odd agencies of the government they worked or whether any members had jobs in the West Wing of the White House, the State Department, the CIA, or the Department of Justice. "But someone actively is trying to undermine the duly elected president - that seems quite problematic to me and something that they should take a look at".

Asked whether the administration is attempting to ferret out the culprit, Sanders said the staff is "focused on things that actually matter".

She said it is unfortunate how much coverage is being given to a "pathetic and gutless" anonymous source. "If they don't want to be part of that process, they shouldn't be here". But she ruled out the possibility that lie detector tests would be used in the search, as pro-Trump senator Rand Paul has suggested and vice-president Mike Pence volunteered to undergo.

Once one person had described an episode to him, Woodward says, "I would go to other people and say, 'Did this happen?"

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In the book, Kelly is quoted as saying of Trump: "He's an idiot". "What it really means is [that there'll be] fewer and fewer people who Trump knows who they really are".

Longtime journalist Bob Woodward said Monday that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly "are not telling the truth" when they deny making disparaging statements about President Donald Trump attributed to them in his new book, "Fear".

The Quinnipiac University poll, which was released Monday, showed that only 32 percent of respondents answered "yes" to the question, "Would you say that Donald Trump is honest, or not?", the lowest since November 2016, and down from 38 percent in July.

Asked later whether the White House would list all the things in Woodward's book that are wrong, Sanders said such an exercise "would be a complete and utter waste of our time, so no".

Woodward, whose 1974 reporting of the Watergate case in the Washington Post led to President Richard Nixon's resignation, said he based his book "Fear" on interviews with witnesses to the hidden secrets of the White House, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

In a statement, Kelly flatly disputed maligning the president like that: "The idea I ever called the President an idiot is not true, in fact it's exactly the opposite".