Florence expected to become major hurricane, risk to East Coast increasing


Interests in the Cabo Verde Islands are being warned to monitor the progress of this system during the next several days because there is a much better chance of early strengthening with this developing storm system. It's become increasingly likely that it will approach the East Coast of the US by late Wednesday through Friday of next week. If the southern track continues it may avoid making any landfall in Bermuda and only hit the United States, but Bermuda is likely to feel at least some impact. By next Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center predicts Florence will be on the brink of Category 4 intensity with 130 miles per hour sustained winds.

The good news is that Bermuda looks to be in the clear in terms of direct impacts from Florence as the storm passes to the south late on Monday.

As we get into the heart of this year's hurricane season, all eyes are on the Atlantic where things are starting to heat up. "Florence could become a hurricane again by Sunday".

The impact, if it happens, would most likely be north of Florida, unless Florence weakens dramatically and comes, essentially, due west, which is not impossible, but is not expected at this time. The storm's maximum sustained winds were 40 miles per hour and it was moving west at 12 miles per hour. At this point, its exact landfall location is very hard to determine as Florence will eventually make a NW and then north turn.

The wind shear that has weakened the storm will itself weaken and that coupled with the movement of the storm to warmer waters is what the Weather Channel says will increase the intensity of the storm early next week.

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The peak of hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean is September 10, and right on schedule, the Atlantic Basin has come to life with numerous areas of concern.

Florence was a Category 3 hurricane on Thursday morning and is expected to remain a strong hurricane through next week, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The Hurricane Center is predicting that Florence will generate swells that will affect Bermuda by Friday and the U.S. East Coast by the weekend.

"We're certainly monitoring the storm", Bullard said. It only takes one storm to devastate an area, and even if Florence is not that storm, there are two more potential tropical storms lining up behind her off the coast of Africa.