Google adds Gmail Confidential Mode to Android


In a blog post detailing the new version of Gmail back in April, the tech giant noted: "A new confidential mode allows you to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print messages-useful for when you have to send sensitive information via email like a tax return or your social security number". Recipients who are using a Gmail account will get the passcode via SMS, while those who are on a third-party email service can get it either via SMS or email.

If you want to use confidential mode, you simply need to hit the "Compose" button to start your email. Tap on that and you'll be given options to set a passcode for the email, an expiration date, and more.

The feature allows you to specify an expiration date or manually revoke access to a message.

Tap on the three-dot-menu in the top right corner and then tap on Confidential mode.

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Confidential messages will be strictly about conveying the message to the person you choose to send it to. Confidential mode is not encrypted end-to-end, so Google could in fact read your messages in transit. But Gmail users today can use the new update to protect their messages instead of following in the grumpy footsteps of the cartoon cop.

That doesn't stop anyone from taking a screenshot of your message, however.

Once this is done, attach the file that you want, and send the email to the recipient. You will see an option to remove access, just tap on that, and the recipient will no longer be able to access the file.

Open the mail sent via Confidential mode, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Ensure you enter the recipients phone number not of your own.