Republicans on track to survive in OH despite big swing to Democrats


Conservative election analyst Henry Olsen predicted on Hill.TV's "What America's Thinking" on Monday that impeachment hearings against Trump will happen if Democrats take back the House and Senate in November.

But Democrats - buoyed by enthusiasm ever since the 2016 presidential election - have consistently overperformed in other special elections, and notched upset victories in a Pennsylvania House race in March and in the Alabama Senate race past year.

The day's races, like dozens before them, pitted the strength of Trump's fiery supporters against the Democratic Party's anti-Trump resistance. "Congratulations to a future STAR of the Republican Party, future Senator John James", Trump tweeted.

The narrow margin will be little comfort for Republicans anxious about the prospect of a Democratic wave heading into the November 6 elections, and it is certain to encourage Democrats who performed dramatically better than expected in a district Republicans have represented since the early 1980s.

"While we won tonight, this remains a very tough political environment and moving forward, we can not expect to win tough races when our candidate is being outraised", Corry Bliss, the head of the big-spending Congressional Leadership Fund, warned in a Tuesday night statement.

"We're not stopping now. If the GOP can't hold this district, which last elected a Democrat back in 1980, then it's a pretty safe bet Democrats will recapture the House in November", King continued. Experts, including those at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, say the Republican challenge of holding their House majority in November is looking increasingly hard.

In a way, Trump's popularity in the area is on the ballot, too.

O'Connor, 34, however, onstage at his campaign headquarters in the central OH district, said the race was a "tied ballgame", with a rematch due in November's regular congressional election for the seat, which opened up when GOP Rep.

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Ohio Republicans argued that the race should be taken as a warning, but not a reason to panic.

Ultimately, the results may not even be known for a while. There are 5,048 absentee ballots left to count, and 3,435 provisional ballots - cast by voters who do not appear on the rolls, but are willing to sign affidavits saying that they are eligible to participate.

Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington also held their regularly scheduled primaries on Tuesday, and the president endorsed candidates in several GOP races across those states. His pick for governor, Bill Schuette, the state's attorney general, easily won the GOP primary.

The Cook Political Report, which monitors congressional races across the country, lists the Lowcountry 1st District, long held by Republicans, as a potential pickup for Democrats this fall.

Former Democratic Party legislative leader Gretchen Whitmer will face off in the MI gubernatorial race against Trump ally Bill Schuette.

But Whitmer, a respected liberal legislator who painted El-Sayed's platform as unrealistic in the purple state, kept the race close in areas El-Sayed needed to win big and ran up the score everywhere else.

Meanwhile progressive duo Sen. Trump, who has repeatedly endorsed Balderson, won Ohio's 12th congressional district by 11 percentage points in 2016.

In June, a Monmouth University poll showed Balderson ahead by 10 points. "That would not only stall any Trump legislative agenda but also put investigations, possibly impeachment, on the table".