Demi Lovato's Bodyguard Credited With Saving Her Life


According to Us Weekly, Lovato has agreed to "go straight to rehab" after she is released from the hospital, perhaps sometime this weekend.

Demi Lovato's next step after a life-endangering overdose that put her in the hospital last month appears to be a return trip to rehab.

Demi experienced complications after her apparent overdose and remained in the hospital with extreme nausea and fever. Sources told TMZ that Lovato's family spoke with her about checking into treatment after she started feeling better, and she is consenting.

It is still unknown which facility Demi will enter.

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Recall that with drug addiction Demi Lovato, which, plus everything, still suffers from bipolar disorder, has been fighting for many years. The source also revealed that Demi had refused to take help the last time she fell off the wagon but they believe that the recent incident has scared Demi enough to go for further treatment.

"Right now everyone is focused on getting Demi physically healthy", a source close to Lovato told People a few days ago. History quickly became overgrown with rumors and, according to the representatives of Lovato, was not entirely interpreted.

She's taken the rehab route before.

The Confident singer celebrated six years of sobriety earlier this year, before confessing to her fans that she had relapsed in new song Sober, which was released in June. "She's gonna get better". "We just don't know where her head is at". It is the reaction and actions of the bodyguard demi, who quickly oriented in a situation and saved her life.