#ZimElections2018: Chaos as MDC Alliance protest election results


"There are 58 seats to be declared".

Millions of people voted peacefully on Monday in the first election since the army removed Robert Mugabe from power past year.

His opponent Chamisa, however, was not prepared to wait on the release of official results, which he has already derided as fake.

On Tuesday, opposition leader Nelson Chamisa said he was "winning resoundingly" but the Electoral Commission denied his victory claims.

The EU observers expressed concern about delays in releasing the results of the presidential contest, a two-horse race between Chamisa and Mnangagwa, head of the ruling ZANU-PF party. "Awaiting Zec to perform their constitutional duty to officially announce the people's election results and we are ready to form the next government", he tweeted on Monday, the day of the election.

"The results are biased, trying to give the impression that ZANU has won", said Lawrence Maguranyi, 21, an MDC supporter and university student.

The bloc will deliver a preliminary report on the conduct of the election on Wednesday, as will the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union teams.

Briefing the media in Harare this mid morning, ZEC Chairperson, Justice Priscilla Chigumba said the results will be announced as they come in, adding that they are confident that all the results will be announced earlier than the stipulated 5 days.

The MDC members say "they have stolen our election".

With voters expected to pick a presidential candidate based on their party affiliation the stage is set for presidential incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former Mugabe confidant, to retain power.

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Biti said, given the results he has seen at polling station thus far, he believes it is not possible for Zanu-PF to win the election.

The crowds chanted: "We want Chamisa".

The opposition alleges the elections have irregularities, saying voting results were not posted outside one-fifth of polling stations as required by law.

"There is no way that ZANU-PF will accept an MDC victory".

At least one person has been shot dead by Zimbabwean soldiers after opposition supporters in Harare clashed with police.

But just hours later, President Mnangagwa said he was "positive" of the election outcome in Zanu PF's favour.

It followed a surprise press conference at his home on Sunday at which he stunned observers and called for voters to reject ZANU-PF, his former party.

Zimbabweans desperately hope the peaceful vote, which took place Monday, will lift them out of economic and political stagnation after decades of Mugabe's rule, but the country is haunted by a history of electoral violence and manipulation that means trust is scarce.

Whoever wins will face a mass unemployment crisis and an economy shattered by the Mugabe-era seizure of white-owned farms, the collapse of agriculture, hyperinflation and an exodus of investment.