Trump touts economic growth


Their policies would mean not just a return to President Obama's economic policies.

In the second quarter, the USA economy grew at an annualized rate of 4.1%, nearly double the 2.2% growth rate seen to start the year. We'll see. But this is not some bold, new era of growth.

The economy grew by more than 4 percent in the second quarter of 2018, however. What will GDP growth look like for the remainder of this year?

An economic slowdown could be ahead for the United States, not robust growth. The rest of the year is likely to see solid, but slower growth of around 3 per cent.

The economy will this year be supported by a $1.5 trillion tax cut package and increased government spending in the last quarter.

The second quarter acceleration came in part after the injection of stimulus and Republican tax cuts.

The White House is counting on faster growth to pay for December's sweeping tax cuts by generating higher revenues. My forecast was that growth would exceed 4% this year and could be even higher in future years.

According to, most economists believe the current rate of growth in the unstainable. "Let's keep this going", Donald Trump Jr. tweeted this morning along with a retweet to the report by Department of Labor Secretary Acosta. That meant discouraged workers, who have left the job market because they could not find work, will begin to re-enter.

"We've added 3.7 million jobs since the election", he said.

Joe Lavorgna, chief economist of the America at Natixis, said in a note Thursday that he expects GDP grew at an annualized rate of 4.7% in the second quarter with consensus indicating a year-on-year increase in real GDP of 3.1%.

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The federal government will release its initial estimate of third quarter growth October 26, just 11 days before voters go to the polls, making it a key test of whether high growth appears to be sustainable. I continued to forecast that for the entire year, GDP growth would exceed 4%.

Will the economy average 5% growth for the remainder of the year?
That was its strongest performance since the third quarter of 2014.

It certainly is possible and perhaps even likely, depending on a number of variables. The growth rate of new orders was above 25%.

But the report got another boost from an unusual source: strong exports which leapt 13.3 per cent, driven higher by foreign sales of oil and soybeans, which now face stiff Chinese tariffs.

The sudden rise could lead to a slump in exports in the next economic quarter.

"They can do it, but we can't?"

But Trump's achievement is all the more impressive for its sailing into an interest-rate headwind.

Columnist John Fund cites Dan Clifton of Strategas Research Partners, who, relying on Congressional Budget Office estimates, has calculated that the tax cut has already paid for about 30 percent of its static revenue losses. Both rates and stocks have cooled recently, but stocks have leveled off at a range that anticipates an economy that will grow significantly faster than it has.

Trump's tariff are simply a negotiating tool created to bring our trading partners to the negotiating table.