Colombian Mafia Puts $70,000 Bounty On Sniffer Dog


According to reports, the Urabeños drug gang, Colombia's most feared criminal organization, put the hit on Sombra after the 6-year-old pooch recently sniffed out almost 10 TONS of cocaine in 2 separate busts. And she is so good at her job that drug dealers want her dead. A few months ago, the tenacious hound sniffed out 77 kilos of cocaine placed deep inside an industrial machine.

In a tweet, the anti-narcotics division of the Colombian National Police Force said Sombra had tormented cartel boss Dairo Antonio "Otoniel" Usuga for the last three years.

Actually, add animals to the latter since a Colombian drug gang has reportedly put a bounty of $70,000 on a drug detecting canine.

Aside from Sombra's handler, Colombian anti-narcotics police have also provided her with armed guards while she works at the airport - an area that is supposedly out of the cartel's reach.

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"President Trump's message to Colombia is clear: The record growth in cocaine production must be reversed, " warned Jim Carroll, deputy director for the drug policy office. A recent White House report found the amount of land where peasants and drug traffickers harvest the plant used to make cocaine rose 11% in 2017, despite $10bn in United States counter-narcotics work.

President-elect Ivan Duque is promising a tougher approach to speed up eradication with strategies that could include aerial spraying and the use of drones.

Sombra is also being protected by additional officers in addition to being moved to the Bogota airport, The Daily Telegraph reported. Sombra can be seen at work in the video below.

Colombia's national police estimates it has lost at least 1,800 officers - and a number of dogs - to the war on drugs in the past two decades. "She understands orders from a leader, and she's more playful than the others".