Roseanne Barr on racist tweet: 'I wish I worded it better'


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Comedian Roseanne Barr apologized on Thursday for her controversial Twitter comment that caused the cancellation of her USA comedy show "Roseanne", but insisted she had been misunderstood and said the mistake "cost me everything".

Disgraced TV star Roseanne Barr has denied she is a racist in her first television interview since being fired over a controversial tweet. "And for that I apologize", Roseanne said.

Fox News host Sean Hannity, 56, scored the TV scoop of the year (so far) on July 26 and we couldn't take our eyes off it.

The actress, who is an outspoken supporter of US President Donald Trump, said that the controversy hasn't led her to reevaluate her political position.

Later in the live podcast she claimed that her axing off the sitcom was a long time coming and that ABC wanted her off the show for some time. "And, in fact, she said, 'I thought the b*tch was white!'" It cost me everything, my life's work. Barr also went on to say that being called racist was "the worst thing". "And I found cigarettes from when I was 13 and they were good smokin'", she quipped.

"If one of you said something like that about me, that might hurt my feelings", Jarrett added.

"I'm so sad that anyone thinks that of me", she said, "but I'm not that person".

On her tweets, the fallout, and requesting time on ABC's The View to speak: "I told ABC this at the beginning: I will always defend Israel..."

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This is a developing story. And I'm sorry that you feel harmed and hurt.

She also said she found cigarettes in her mother's basement while she was hiding out there after the public backlash.

In response to Hannity's questions about her troubled past, Barr also spoke about her history of mental-health issues, and how the part of the brain that makes her a "creative genius" is close to that which causes madness.

'Address her and not just her, but people in the community who are so outraged about it. Address them from your heart and tell them, ' Hannity said.

She has since apologized for the tweet but continues to protest the decision.

There was one question Barr wouldn't answer: Whether she was paid by ABC when she agreed to step away from her sitcom revival after the cancellation, allowing the show's remaining cast members and crew to develop a show without her called The Conners, debuting this fall.

The actress claimed she fought extremism, but fears it is growing, adding, "I feel like both the left and the right have marginalized the middle, and it's just too insane".

"But no, I did not know she (Jarrett) was black", she said.