Cubs Get Involved After Adult Fan Takes Baseball Intended for a Child


"The 1st unwritten rule of ⚾️ is that if a player/coach specifically throws a ball to a fan, they get the ⚾️ whether or not they catch it". But, when the Cubs first base coach tossed the ball to a kid in the front row, an adult fan sitting behind him reached under his seat as it rolled away, and proudly showed off his new collectible. And after the man gave the ball to his wife, she took a picture of it before giving it to another child, per a Twitter user who said he sat next to him.

The team tweeted a photo of the boy with two baseballs, including one signed by All-Star second baseman Javy Baez.

He tweeted: 'I spoke with people from the Cubs. That's what the Cubs are saying after a grown man stole a baseball literally right from under a little boy at a game this weekend. "All is well. Guy is A-OK so let it go people", Kaplan said. But the kid now has two baseballs, and one of them is signed, instead of two baseball with both unsigned.

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Chicago Cubs host David Kaplan later confirmed the reports.

"Unfortunately, a video that was quickly posted and unverified has made a national villain out of an innocent man who was attending his first Cubs game to celebrate his wedding anniversary".

A bystander close to the situation told the Chicago Tribune, the man in question didn't cheat the child out of the ball and took aim at online warriors for not knowing the full story.