Satellite photos show North Korea ‘dismantling rocket launch site’


A report in The Washington Post at the weekend said that, despite positive assessments Trump has given on progress with North Korea, he has vented anger at aides over a lack of immediate progress.

It's the first sign that North Korea may be razing some of its facilities associated with its nuclear and missile programs.

After the summit, Trump had declared the North Korean nuclear threat was effectively over, and U.S. media reports suggest he is privately furious at the lack of any subsequent progress on the denuclearisation issue.

Wit, a former State Department negotiator with North Korea and a consistent advocate for dialogue with Pyongyang, said such a move would be just one step in the right direction, "but an important one".

The diplomatic offensive has tamped down tensions after fears of nuclear war rose past year as the communist state demonstrated strong advances with a series of missile launches and its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.

"The North Koreans are using the remains issue as a bargaining chip", said Bill Richardson, a former US diplomat with experience negotiating with North Korea, including during the recovery of the remains of seven Americans in 2007. "Japan is happy, all of Asia is happy", the United States leader wrote.

38 North says "considerable progress" has been made in dismantling the structure used to prepare and move vehicles to the launch pad.

"I hope they don't use this to justify steps toward ending the war", he said.

Lawmakers critical of Trump's remarks at news conference with Putin
He is wholly in the pocket of Putin. "This is shameful", said Senator Jeff Flake , a fellow Republican and staunch critic of the president.

"It's a good confidence-building measure, but it is a far cry from any real step towards disarmament".

Instead, Schoff suggested the US could reciprocate by working with Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo and Moscow to approve some economic engagement exemptions for South Korea to work with the North in certain special economic zones. "A peace treaty or end-of-war declaration is harder to undo".

It was reported to have been established in 2008 and has research facilities nearby for missile development as well as a tower that can support ballistic missiles. It's also troubling that North Korea has apparently been allowed to dodge verification at both Punggye-ri and Sohae.

"Dismantling test infrastructure, especially for space launch vehicles, does not change this calculation".

The launching site played helped the rogue regime develop their intercontinental ballistic missile program. No additional progress was made on the site's fueling area.

Other analysts said North Korea is giving up little in dismantling the rocket engine test site when it's clear the country is satisfied with its current design of long-range weapons and could easily build other similar facilities if needed in the future.

However, Mount said the military consequences of a broader dismantlement would be "marginal". Security journalist Ankit Panda noted that "the missile engine test stand - the long-awaited concession after June 12 [the Singapore Summit] - appears to be in a mostly reversible state". As Kim "said himself, North Korea is moving from testing to mass production".