BJP gearing up for PM Modi’s rally in North Karnataka


It is nearly after fifteen years, BJP government is facing a vote of no-confidence in Parliament today and this is the first ever NCM ( No Confidence Motion ) for Modi government.

The Modi government is expected to have a smooth sailing when it faces the first no-confidence motion in four years in the Lok Sabha. After first deciding to support the government on Thursday afternoon, then pulling back the same evening, and finally deciding to boycott the motion and the vote entirely, the party's swings reflects its complicated relationship with the BJP.

Speaking during the no-confidence motion, Modi said only the 125 crore people of the country can decide who would sit in the Prime Minister's chair or who can be unseated.

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi's hug caused much bigger tremors in political circles than his attack and some senior Congress leaders did not appreciate the gesture that diverted attention from the pointed Rafale strike on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sonia Gandhi told NDTV she was "very happy" with son Rahul's performance and "I am happy the media is changing too".

Earlier, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi attacked the government for not working for the minorities and said that lynchings had also happened in the country in 2002 Gujarat riots and after the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992. Stunned with Gandhi's sharp speech followed by a "bear hug", PM Modi took some time to recover.

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Later, the party said it was not happy with BJP, Congress and also had issues with the TDP on the Polavaram row, so they could not take sides with any of them.

FILE PHOTO: India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi looks on during the keynote address at the IISS Shangri-la Dialogue in Singapore June 1, 2018.

Congress President also thanked PM Modi for showing him the importance of Congress.

"And it was seen by the people what your eyes said today", Modi said, blinking his fingers to portray Gandhi's winking gesture. But, Congress wants to utilise it as a platform to highlight the government's failures. Although it has been suggested that one rally should be held in South Karnataka as well, the Prime Minister has not yet given his dates, according to party general secretary and former minister, C.T. Ravi. "But I will turn this anger into love because I am the Congress", he said. Soon after his speech in the Lok Sabha during the no-confidence motion debate on Friday, #BhookampAaGaya started trending on Twitter.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi's hit-hug-wink ways didn't enthuse the ruling BJP and Speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

All the key parties including the BJP and the Congress have issued whips to ensure the presence of all its members in the House.