Locals awed after Thai cave rescue captured world's attention


Officials said the boys, many of whom had never learned to swim, were given anti-anxiety medication to keep them calm. It is rainy season in Thailand at the moment, with torrential downpours that appear out of nowhere dominating the weather patterns.

However, eight boys have been brought to safety during the last two days and the remaining five are expected to be brought out today.

A few days of relatively clear weather has allowed them to pump enough water out of the cave to allow the boys to walk through some sections.

Scott and Smith also plan to bring in a screenwriter and interview key players from the team of foreign rescuers and Thai navy SEALs, the victims and their families. Rescue crews are anxious about the amount of air the trapped children are using, which is being drained rapidly.

Nargonsak said this phase may take longer than the previous two rescue missions.

Federation Internationale de Football Association expressed "profound gratitude to all persons involved in the rescue operation", and condolences for the family of the Thai Navy SEAL diver who died.

The second group of four rescued on Monday are aged 12 to 14.

A submarine made by Elon Musk's SpaceX and The Boring Company created to help the rescue is tested in a swimming pool.

All 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped for more than two weeks deep inside a flood Thai cave have been rescued, a Thai navy SEAL unit said on Tuesday, a successful end to a perilous mission that has gripped the world.

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Though four boys and their coach are still to be saved, American film crews have reportedly traveled to the rescue site in Chiang Rai to begin work on a movie telling the tale of the Wild Boars team, Australian website news.com.au reported. Some had infections but otherwise all of them were in good health.

The story captured national attention since British divers discovered the boys on Monday, July 2.

Rescue workers and divers are using the break to rest and prepare for the next phase of the grueling operation, which Osotthanakorn said involves some of the hardest diving in the world. People on the street cheered and clapped when ambulances ferrying them on the last leg of their journey from the cave arrived at a hospital in Chiang Rai city.

"I want to hug them first", said another one of the boys' coaches.

A message posted on the English Premier League club's Twitter account said: "Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected".

They are part of a youth soccer team known as the Wild Boars.

"I'd like to send out shirts to them!"

Boys number six and seven were brought out a little over an hour later, with boy number eight spotted being taken out at about 7.40pm local time.