Trump scolds NATO members days ahead of summit


While these countries have been increasing their contributions since I took office, they must do much more. He has pulled the USA out of the Paris climate agreement as well as the Iran nuclear deal, slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and threatened additional tariffs on products like automobiles.

He then laced into German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will be in attendance in Brussels, complaining about how much the United States put toward Germany's defense: "And I said, you know, Angela, I can't guarantee it, but we're protecting you, and it means a lot more to you".

Putin's latest election is widely believed to have been fraudulent, and critics fear it may be another step towards Putin being a ruler for life in Russian Federation.

Sources told the newspaper Kommersantthat the Kremlin has submitted a two-page document to the White House with a first draft of a potential statement Moscow hopes Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will make at the conclusion of their Helsinki summit next week.

"Even if they hit 2 percent, I don't think it would matter....he just isn't interested in the whole alliance relationship", said Goldgeier.

Through all this has run a thread of accusations, strangely enough by the very liberals who for decades insisted USA leaders needed to work more closely with Moscow, that Trump should be actively unfriendly toward Putin.

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Member countries are anxious that Trump will spurn them and threaten to unravel the organization, their fears stemming from the G7 meeting last month.

It was in the same conversation that Trump congratulated Putin on his electoral win, despite that fact that Russian elections are a sham and that, reportedly, his aides had explicitly directed him not to offer congratulations.

Concerned Democratic lawmakers are likely to howl as Trump barnstorms Europe while criticizing America's oldest allies and sounding a lighter tone on Putin in pursuit of his campaign promise to warm U.S. -Russia relations. The European governments are also curious about the road map of US foreign policy in regards to its relation with Russian Federation.

The revelation comes at the end of a big new report from The New York Times previewing Trump's relationship with Putin and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ahead of the big North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit. Separately, the USA envoy said she's concerned that Russian Federation is trying to "flip" Turkey and other American allies to its column.

Another point of concern for NATO allies is Trump's planned meeting with Russian President Putin immediately after the summit in Brussels, drawing parallels with Trump's post-G7 meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Much of the rest of Trump's foreign policy is equally freaky.