Netflix Testing 'Ultra' Tier With Higher Price, May Hurt Premium Users


Per a report from Polygon, the company is now testing out a new "Ultra" subscription tier for its users. The Ultra tier would then offer four streams at the higher price point.

The new subscription tier was first discovered by the Italian website TuttoAndroid.

Netflix is reportedly planning to introduce a new tier of service called "Ultra". Some reported the Premium package was bumped down to a two screen maximum, while Ultra offered four, but other have reported that the screen limit hasn't changed. The existing plans are: Basic (€7.99), Standard (€10.99) and Premium (€13.99).

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There's now not a whole lot of information out about the new tier, but we do know that is called "Ultra" and it will allow users to watch the latest binge-worthy show on four screens at one time.

The company added that not all subscribers would see the Ultra subscription tier during the test, and it may not be implemented. Rather than being able to watch Netflix content on four screens simultaneously as it stands now, Premium subscribers might only have support for two screens, while the new Ultra plan will come with support for four displays. Now this plan has not officially launched yet, but Netflix is currently testing it as an option for some subscribers.

Meanwhile, in a statement to CNET, Netflix has said that it is "continuously" testing new things and that a test does not necessarily indicate plans for a full rollout. "In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how customers value Netflix". Different user groups see various implementations of the new feature or change. So what does the Ultra tier get you, what do the others lose and is this good news or bad? Nearly 6.4m new worldwide subscribers were added in the final quarter of past year, along with more than 1.9m users from the US.