Amazon Prime Day 2018: These early deals are available right now


Last year, the e-commerce giant introduced its global sale event in India.

Starting today, Amazon will reveal a slew of deals every day leading to this year's Prime Day.

The online retailer revealed that Prime Day will run for 36 hours in 2018, six more hours than past year, and expand into new markets.

Singapore Prime members - those signed up to paid subscription service Amazon Prime - will join members from other countries such as Japan, France, Canada and Australia for this event. You're also eligible if you're now on a 30-day trial period. If this year is like past Amazon Prime Days, you'll be able to view deals 24 hours before they go live, and bookmark your favorites so you're ready to pounce.

Are you looking forward to Amazon's Prime Day to make a purchase you've been wanting to since long? And when the festivities kick off on July 16, Amazon's website will be filled with deals.

A "day" is traditionally defined as 24 hours, but in Amazon's case, it could also mean 36.

On Amazon Prime Day 2017, more than five million items were purchased in the United Kingdom alone.

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2018: What to expect? Track your Prime Day orders with Alexa.

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On Prime Day, we'll be posting up the best deals we can find for you, so prepare your method of payment for the festivities.

On Sunday 15 July, Amazon will host a so-called unboxing at a secret location in London with a host of exclusive entertainment experiences for all the family.

Also, during Prime Day, when you use the product search on, it will let you search within Prime Day, so you an quickly see if it's on discount or not.

Another major product category that gets the most attention is smartphones.

Whole Foods Market joins the celebration this year with Prime Day deals and offers at all USA stores with an additional 10 percent off hundreds of sale items throughout Whole Foods Market stores, and deep discounts on select popular products. Most Amazon-exclusive smartphones will be available at a discount.

These were some of the best deals on the site previous year. That does hold true for some products, but most good deals barely last a few hours (some last only a few minutes). Amazon Prime has over 100 million subscribers worldwide. Here's everything you need to know to take advantage of everything Amazon Prime Day has to offer.

Amazon's Prime Day Spotlight Deals typically have the most inventory, so you have a better chance of getting the product you want. Of course, Amazon's flagship products, like the Amazon Echo Spot, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet will also be available at a fraction of their usual cost. Amazon said it signed up more new Prime members a year ago on Prime Day than any other single day in company history. The company didn't give specifics but said tens of millions of Prime members bought something. The site lets you import all the items from your Amazon Wish List rather than entering them manually.