Blindfolded and bound bodies found hanging at family home in New Delhi


Authorities in India have found 10 bodies, blindfolded and hanging from the ceiling of a house in New Delhi and another body of a 70-year-old woman on the floor.

The family owned a grocery shop near the local gurdwara and also run some furniture business.

He informed the police, who rushed to the spot and cordoned the area.

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Seven were women while three were minors. Every morning, their shop would open by 6, but when it didn't till 7.30 today, a neighbour went to check on the family and was shocked to find majority hanging from the grill ceiling. Joint CP Delhi said that they are probing all the angles and are not ruling out anything now. Today, after seeing that the shop was not open even at 7.30 am, one of the neighbours went to their house.

The police is investigating the case from all possible angles, Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi, told ANI.

No suicide note has been recovered yet. Special police teams swung into action and scanning CCTV footage available to ascertain whether any outsider committed the crime.