Woman allegedly calls police on 8-year-old black girl selling water


- Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) June 23, 2018 How miserable of a person do you have to be to call the police on a little girl selling bottled water???

"So my little cousin was selling water and didn't have a permit so this lady chose to call the cops on an 8 year old", says a Twitter caption on the video.

In one incident, a white woman in Oakland became known as "BBQ Becky" on social media after she called police on black people who were barbecuing in an area of a park where that was banned, CNN affiliate KRON reported.

"On my property", the girl's mother replies.

The little girl's mother posted the video of Ettel to social media Saturday afternoon, and it instantly went viral, sparking the Twitter hashtag and nickname #PermitPatty.

"It was literally nonstop".

The mum, who recently lost her job, also explains her eight-year-old was selling the water to raise money for a trip to Disneyland. She left her office windows opened and was bothered by the constant screaming of "come and buy my water". "I have the right to be here, '" Ettel recalled. She'd been "putting up" with the noise for hours, she explained, and "just snapped".

Now that the video has gone viral, #PermitPatty is back-pedaling, telling the Huffington Post she only "pretended" to make the call and that she feels "horrible and heart-wrenched" about the incident. Austin and her daughter refused to move, according to Ettel. Now, we've found her successor in "Permit Patty". "It was this completely repetitive, every second", she said. Twitter users bombarded Ettel's business, and memes mocking her have been popping up like weeds - but not like the weed that she produces for dogs, partners and clients.

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"She asked me 'Where's my permit?' And I didn't know what a permit was", explained Jordan. In it, she follows a woman named Alison Ettel, who is holding a phone to her ear.

Meanwhile, the mother of the eight-year-old girl has promised to press charges against Ettel for harassment.

While Ettel says she's not proud of herself for calling the police on a little girl, she explained her reasoning, saying she was trying to get work done upstairs and couldn't concentrate with the girl and her mother's yelling.

She also said she didn't actually call police but was "pretending".

The girl was selling the bottles outside the family's apartment complex across from AT&T Stadium, where the San Francisco Giants play, when Ettel asked her for a permit, USA Today said.

"I'm upset she had to go through this", Austin said after the incident.

Austin said she was "overwhelmed" by the positivity and support her family has received.

When told the news that she was gifted four tickets to Disneyland, the young girl was captured on video screaming with joy.