China’s Xi praises North Korea’s Kim for Trump summit, promises support


Pompeo would go on to make security assurances to North Korea and wave before them the prospect of United States investment in exchange for denuclearizing, which has yet to materialize.

A trade war with the US could make it less attractive for China to use its influence over North Korea to help the USA achieve its objectives of denuclearization.

Trump separately announced that he had chose to halt military exercises with South Korea, describing the "war games" as too costly and "provocative" - a frequent North Korean criticism of the drills.

"Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience", Trump wrote on Twitter May 13.

Chinese state media's treatment of Kim's visit departed from past practice of not announcing his travels until Kim returned home.

"The potential comprehensive trade war will make the cooperation between China and North Korea's nuclear issue more complicated", Cheng said. It applies exclusively to the August exercise Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, in which about 17,500 USA troops gathered with South Korean counterparts past year in an exercise that focused heavily on computer-simulations to defend against a North Korean attack.

Ms Kang Kyung Wha also told reporters sanctions against North Korea could be eased once it takes "substantive steps towards denuclearisation", seemingly setting the bar lower than Washington for such a move, the reports said.

The US and South Korea announced Tuesday morning, Seoul time, that the allies had agreed to indefinitely delay their Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercises planned for late August and early September.

Mr. Lim went on to argue that the joint statements signed at the Trump-Kim Singapore summit and at a previous summit in April between Mr. Moon and Mr. Kim may be more significant that anything achieved during years of past multinational negotiations with Pyongyang - specifically because the joint statements were inked by the top leaders of all three nations.

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South Korea's foreign ministry spokesman said South Korea and China shared the strategic goal of completely denuclearising the Korean peninsula.

On his part, Xi said that he "wants North Korea and the U.S. to carry out the results of their leadership summit" in Singapore, the report said.

Kim will be in Beijing through Wednesday, state media previously reported.

China may not have been at the table for the historic summit in Singapore but it retains strong influence behind the scenes, Wang said.

Trump hailed this as a concession, but critics said the stock phrase long used by Pyongyang stopped short of longstanding United States demands for North Korea to give up its atomic arsenal in a "verifiable" and "irreversible" way. "It may be hard for Kim Jong Un to accept", Hua told AFP.

Meanwhile, the US and South Korea have confirmed they have suspended planning for their next joint military drills.

This week's visit would likely see Beijing reward Kim for his recent diplomatic overtures, Xie continued.

Trump said last week after meeting with Kim in Singapore that he would end "war games" carried out with the South Koreans.

The decision to halt military exercises in South Korea has bewildered many current and former US defense officials, who only learned about it when Trump announced it in Singapore, after the summit with Kim.