Warriors fans cheer for J.R. Smith ahead of Game 2


Meanwhile, LeBron James is up to No. 2 all-time on the NBA Finals scoring list, but the Cavaliers will need many more to pull out Game 2. He played the first 44 minutes of the game before being sent to the bench once the Warriors had an 18-point lead. Thompson being available for Game 2 could be huge for the Cavs, as he offers the size and aggressiveness that could help them dominate the boards.

Meanwhile, despite lacking Andre Iguodala, the Warriors' supporting cast was what you'd expect from such a disciplined squad. But they didn't just outscore Cleveland - they out-assisted and out-blocked them too. Curry squatted low to admire his shot as it went in at one point and galloped back in joy after he hit two deep 3s late in the first half.

Santana and his wife Cindy will perform "The Star-Spangled Banner" before Game 2 of the Cleveland-Golden State series at Oracle Arena.

Despite the injury, Thompson would log 45 minutes and produce 24 points on 50 percent shooting in Golden State's 124-114 OT win. It's something you'd only expect to click for the Warriors or perhaps the San Antonio Spurs. It didn't seem to go over well over social media.

Draymond Green got the best of the Cavs' big man in Game 1, provoking him into an altercation near the end of overtime.

The gap between the stars on the Warriors and the stars on the Cavaliers is expansive. That's doubly so when McGee and Young are getting significant run. The teams face off in Cleveland on Wednesday evening.

New video game called "Active Shooter"
Parents of victims of the Parkland , Fla., high school shooting have since expressed outrage at the pending launch of the game. Video games have made for a controversial topic for a long time, largely because of the many diverse themes they cover.

We'll see how things play out.

The Cavaliers coach, Tyronn Lue, paid tribute to his players for keeping the game close until the fourth-quarter but admitted the Warriors were the better team. When I watch it, though, I see a ideal example of how much pressure Golden State puts on its opponents' defense.

Cleveland was one play away from winning a stunner straight up in Game 1. But for the most part, Green hasn't been able to handle his share, particularly when opponents have zeroed in on Love and Korver. The result, for the Cavaliers, isn't good.

James, who has played in some 1,400 National Basketball Association games, called Thursday's loss one his "toughest" ever when, after some questionable calls by referees, point guard George Hill then missed a free throw with less than five seconds left (which would have given the Cavs the lead).

Golden State frequently overwhelms opponents with a relentless downpour of buckets just after halftime.