Lebron James says if social media negativity bothers you, delete it


Unfortunately, with the game tied in the waning seconds, JR Smith grabbed an offensive rebound and ran out the clock which just drained the energy of the Cavaliers who must've felt robbed after they already had a controversial charging call overturned just seconds earlier. "That last play is over, it's behind us, and now we've got to move on". Put ourselves in a (position) to win the game. We see what we need to do and how we need to perform to win.

Hood may have felt pressure at Duke, but being on LeBron's team can not compare because of the stuff that goes along with being one of James's teammates.

"From what I saw, he's looking pretty good, pretty happy, pretty upbeat", Curry said.

The game went to overtime, the Cavs lost, and the opposing coach, Steve Kerr, admitted the defending champion Warriors "got lucky". For me, I woke up feeling excited about the opportunity for us to get better today.

James, who was playing with blurry vision in one eye after being poked during Game 1, concurs and said he didn't think he needed to say anything to Smith.

"I can't say I was sure of anything at that point", Smith said.

Fourth quarter, 10:12, 96-83 Warriors: LeBron James scores the first points of the quarter with a deep 3-pointer, but Stephen Curry answers with treys of his own on Golden State's next two possessions. I would never give up on J.R.

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A few hours later, she deleted the tweets about her begging ABC not to cancel the show and her apology to her co-star. On her end, Roseanne has opted to blame Ambien for her behavior, but otherwise expressing regret over her actions.

Hopefully Green remembers his desire to keep the aggression off the court, it would be a shame if things got even uglier in Game 2. It is a pass that few would even dare try and maybe a handful of players in National Basketball Association history who could have pulled it off. And in the immediate aftermath, it appeared Smith said to James on the court that he thought the Cavs were leading - something he denied afterward.

Cleveland was one play away from winning a stunner straight up in Game 1.

James, who has played in some 1,400 National Basketball Association games, called Thursday's loss one his "toughest" ever when, after some questionable calls by referees, point guard George Hill then missed a free throw with less than five seconds left (which would have given the Cavs the lead).

LeBron just about put the team on his back and nearly carried his team to a massive upset in Game 1 but it's nearly as if the basketball gods were against him.

We learned the Cavaliers are better than past year.

"J.R. can shake off anything, and when everybody tends to count J.R. out, that's when he comes through", Lue said.

"We all expect a lot out of each other", Love said. Team officials are going ahead as if Iguodala were unavailable for the remainder of the home stand.