John Goodman Breaks His Silence on Roseanne Cancellation


Roseanne Barr has revealed that she begged ABC executives to keep her show on the air before the network canceled its hit sitcom, "Roseanne".

On Wednesday (May 30), actor Tom Arnold continued his longstanding feud with ex-wife, Roseanne Barr, with an appearance on CNN.

" Following the tweets, ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey said in a statement that the network has chose to cancel show due to Barr's "abhorrent" remarks. He scoffed & said: 'what u have done is egregious, and unforgivable'". On her end, Roseanne has opted to blame Ambien for her behavior, but otherwise expressing regret over her actions.

She is embracing a discredited conspiracy theory that blamed the cancellation of her show on a shadowy coalition of Twitter users known as the FBR, which is short for "Follow Back Resistance". Will I ever recover from this pain?

But the thing is...she did not really mention what she was forgiving them for!

Barr, who had apologised for her comments, tried to further fix the damage on Wednesday, tweeting: "I'm not a racist, I never was & I never will be".

"I think she is just mean - she's just always ready to say a frightful thing, whatever will hurt the most", the source said.

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As part of the backlash for Barr's racist tweet, ABC canceled the Roseanne reboot's second season, and suspended its Emmys For Your Consideration campaign.

The network made the decision to pull the plug on Roseanne on Tuesday after Barr tweeted a racist "joke" about former President Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.

"I think I'll b better tomorrow". It's the most gawd very bad painful thing. But just like he did when it came to Charlottesville, Donald Trump bypassed the obvious answer - condemning Barr's racist tweet - and opted for something more convoluted and MUCH less appropriate. "I can't let myself cave in tho", she added.

A few hours later, she deleted the tweets about her begging ABC not to cancel the show and her apology to her co-star.

On his Twitter and Facebook accounts, Moore posted a video from Roseanne's late 1990s talk show, "The Roseanne Show", featuring both Moore and Trump. She told ABC News last January she has a history of mental problems.

"Look at Roseanne's social media right in this moment - she's doubled and tripled down", Arnold said.