Disgraced Hollywood icon Harvey Weinstein surrenders on sex assault charges


Harvey Weinstein appeared in court Friday morning on sex crime charges based on two alleged incidents where he is accused of forcing women into sexual activity. NYPD spokesman Eugene White said he'll be in the 1st Precinct, where he will be processed, for about an hour, before being taken to Manhattan Supreme Court to face a judge.

His lawyer Ben Brafman said the former Hollywood legend, who for decades produced box office and critically claimed hits, would plead not guilty. "The NYPD thanks these courageous survivors for their courage to come forward and seek justice".

Officers later escorted Weinstein from the police station to a courtroom, where he entered wearing handcuffs for arraignment.

Weinstein arrived at a NY police precinct holding Richard Schickel's biography of the late stage and film director Elia Kazan and Todd Purdum's Something Wonderful: Rodgers and Hammerstein's Broadway Revolution.

Judge Kevin McGrath released Weinstein on $1m bail, with constant electronic monitoring and a ban on traveling beyond NY and the neighbouring state of CT.

Embattled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to police on Friday morning on criminal charges including rape and sexual misconduct.

After Harvey Weinstein surrendered to authorities in NY on Friday, Rose McGowan spoke out about the disgraced producer on NBC News' Megyn Kelly Today.

The allegations against Weinstein sparked the #MeToo movement and a nationwide discussion about sexual assault and harassment, compelling women and men to come forward with their own accusations against other prominent figures.

"They couldn't get a conviction", he said.

That said, he was charged with first-degree rape and sexual abuse.

"I actually did not believe this day would come", she said on NBC's "Megyn Kelly Today" program.

Numerous women, including several celebrities, have come forward with allegations that Weinstein repeatedly engaged in unwanted, inappropriate and aggressive sexual behavior since reports of his serial misconduct first surfaced past year.

Actress Rose Mc Gowan speaks at the inaugural Women's Convention in Detroit
Actress Rose Mc Gowan speaks at the inaugural Women's Convention in Detroit

One of the cases was in NY, where Italian model Ambra Battilana accused Mr Weinstein of groping her in 2015.

"This is a big strike into the heart of abuse of power", she said, "and it shows people worldwide ... that this can not and will not stand".

"Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein".

"There was a part of me that was terribly naive", Georgina Chapman, his estranged wife and mother of two, told Vogue magazine recently.

If he does, how long will the trial take?

Sexual assault cases, particularly those that allegedly happened years ago, are notoriously hard to prosecute and often lack substantive forensic evidence.

Asked about the raft of other allegations against Weinstein, Brafman said the case was a question of crime, not bad behaviour. His past clients include former International Monetary Fund boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who escaped criminal prosecution for alleged sexual assault in 2011.

It's the first criminal case against the disgraced Hollywood producer, who was first accused of sexual misconduct seven months ago.

Weinstein was formally charged with rape and other acts of sexual misconduct.

As for what she expects to see in five or 10 years, McGowan said "there are always going to be social predators".

"We got you, we got you".

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