Trump has the final word in Laurel/Yanny debate


Ivanka Trump is the first to weigh in, claiming it's "so clearly Laurel", before giggling for the camera.

The never-ending Yanny vs Laurel debate has reached the White House. The talks were sparked after 20-year-old Instagram influencer and self-described YouTuber named Chloe Fledman from Florida shared an audio clip on social media asking what they heard. The confusing audio clip is playing around with frequency and the words the listener hears will depend on the range of frequency that the person picks up from the clip. Within a day, it started spreading on social media like a wildfire. For example, what you hear might have to do with your speakers, headphones, or the acoustics in the room.

Humans typically pay attention to three different frequencies when they're listening to speech. "When the low frequencies are more emphasised, people will hear "Laurel", Crum said.

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"I hear both now", she said. If you hear Yanny, you're picking up on the higher frequency.

'Yanny's the victor, Laurel's the loser, ' she confidently declares.

The White House had some fun Thursday with the president's infamous Twitter flub - while rounding up West Wing opinion on an audio clip that has hijacked the Internet.