Microsoft Preps Rival to Apple's iPad


Selling a cheap Surface is a unsafe game however, as it's probably unwise for Microsoft to try and undercut its partners when it comes to Windows hardware.

Back in 2012, Microsoft did offer a lower-cost tablet called the Surface RT, but it didn't hit with consumers. Prices will start at $400, with different storage for various models ranging from 64GB to 128GB.

"Apple's 10.5" iPad Pro with 64GB now sells at $649 with a Smart Keyboard cover and Microsoft will reportedly introduce a 10" Surface tablet at $400 for 64GB without a keyboard cover and likely $549 with it.

That's a big difference from the first affordable Surface tablet.

Microsoft is reportedly working on cheaper Surface accessories (including a keyboard and stylus) to complement the tablet, which will still include a kickstand.

Bloomberg says the tablet will run Windows 10 Pro like its more expensive siblings.

OnePlus launches fast-charging Bullets Wireless earphones for $69
Like all OnePlus phones you can boost things via Dash charging with the phone going from flat to 60 per cent in around 30 minutes. Along with the much-awaited OnePlus 6 , the company also unveiled their wireless headphones called Bullets Wireless .

Microsoft declined to comment on the report.

Apple's tablet business continues to dwarf Microsoft's, generating $20 billion in revenue during the past four quarters, while the Surface business brought in about $4.4 billion in the same period. Microsoft officials have maintained the raison-d'etre for Surface is to establish new, untapped computing categories, not simply to make hardware for the sake of making hardware.

In the past year, Apple sold 44M iPads for $20B in revenue.

Another contender might be ready to tee off on Apple's $329 iPad, and no, we're not talking about Chromebook tablets again.

Microsoft isn't seeing good sales number for the current Surface lineup but that's because of the premium pricing. It will be accompanied by more affordable versions of Microsoft's keyboard cover, mouse, and Surface Pen. These were more fully fledged PCs in a tablet format, and while there is a market for those devices, the market is much smaller than those who are just looking for something to watch a video or casually browse the internet on. Over the past five years, Panay's team has built the foundation for Surface on the high end, content to let Microsoft's hardware partners fill out the other parts of the market. And this being Microsoft, there are expected to be multiple SKUs.