Internet divided over 'Yanny or Laurel' video clip


One Redditor's theory is that the word you hear depends on the amount of bass you hear in the device you're listening on, Select All reported. In the clip, a voice can be heard repeating one word. but is it Laurel or is it Yanny?

People are divided over whether they hear "Laurel" or "Yanny" in a viral video that seemingly originated on Reddit and has gotten a second life on Twitter. Some of your friends saw a white and gold dress (umm, what?) while you saw blue and black.

Both sides are looking at the other like, "are you messing with me?!"

Remember the dress color debate? To some people, the word sounds like "yanny".

The Yanny vs Laurel debate is dividing the Internet.

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"I don't know how to explain it bro", said RolandCamry.

"When I analysed the recording of Laurel, that third resonance is very high for the L. It drops for the R and then it rises again for the L".

The pregnant star gave her two cents on the illusion while dissing anyone who hears Yanny (cue this writer slinking into a corner). Because as you may have guessed, not everyone hears the same thing when they listen to this cursed piece of audio.

If the unusual, robotic voice was saying names of Quebec births, it would nearly certainly be saying "Laurel".

Another user tried to enlighten the masses: "If you pick up on the higher pitch it's Yanny and the lower pitch is Laurel".