Rage 2 First Gameplay Trailer Revealed, New Story Details Included


Following Rage 2's live-action announcement trailer from yesterday, Bethesda has now delivered a gameplay trailer as well as more information on how exactly is the game shaping up. The dystopian setting seems to take inspiration from the film franchise Mad Max, which makes even more sense when you realize Rage 2 is being developed in association with Avalanche Studios - the same developer behind the Mad Max game.

The Rage 2 gameplay trailer captures numerous traits of Avalanche Studios' previous titles with fast-paced action, a large color pallet, vehicular mayhem, plus insane weapons and settings in an open world. Scheduled for release next year on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Rage 2 has been officially revealed by Bethesda, following a number of leaks in May 2018. It has also been stated in a post on Bethesda's site that the game will see a 2019 release date. From the swamplands and jungles where enemies lurk among the dense foliage, to the open deserts where a passing vehicle is more likely to mow you down than offer you a ride, the world of Rage 2 is not a gentle, nurturing place. What quickly becomes apparent from watching Rage 2's debut teaser trailer is that the upcoming shooter is bursting with personality. This move is quite interesting as Bethesda's game reveals typically only happen if the title will launch that year.

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Though Rage 2 has suffered an uncommon number of leaks in the past few weeks, surprisingly, gameplay isn't one of them.

As promised in the video, RAGE 2 will include a vast Open World in which there's no law. The sequel is set after an asteroid kills 80% of the world's population: "Ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs roam the open roads and the tyrannical Authority seek to rule with an iron fist". You can see a sand-covered desert promising a little open-world fun, along with a jungle location and a big mix of monsters and maniacs.

We will play for Walker, the last Ranger of the Badlands, which is a hard path of struggle against oppressive Government. If the initial trailer was any indication, expect a lighter, over the top tone akin to Borderlands along with gunplay that made Rage a treat to play.