Pompeo: US to Lift Sanctions if North Korea Dismantles Nuclear Weapons Program


North Korea said Saturday that it will dismantle its northeastern Punggye-ri test site between May 23 and 25 in the presence of local and global media.

Announcing the decision last month, Kim, while portraying the move as a friendly gesture by North Korea towards the US and South Korea, also said the site was not necessary anymore because the nuclear weapons had been already been developed and no further tests were necessary, indicating that it was a credible nuclear power.

Dialogue brokered by South Korea has seen US-North Korea relations go from trading personal insults and threats of war a year ago to a summit between Kim and Trump which will be held in Singapore on June 12.

The regime later said it would invite journalists from China, Russia, the United Kingdom and the USA between May 23 and May 25 to observe the collapse and closing of test tunnels and other facilities.

John Bolton, the president's national security adviser, described the types of steps that North Korea would need to take as part of a denuclearization process, including the potential involvement of a processing center in Tennessee.

Pompeo dangled the prospect of a gusher of U.S. investment in North Korea, with upgrades in energy, infrastructure, technology and agriculture, if a deal is struck.

Pompeo's remarks come despite the Trump administration's previous emphasis on not following the paths of past USA governments that offered economic aid to Pyongyang, in return for incremental steps to end its nuclear program.

North Korea has a total of four tunnels and while two were shut down following previous nuclear tests, one remained usable and the other was under construction until recently, a South Korean presidential official told reporters on Sunday under condition of anonymity. "Thank you, a very smart and gracious gesture!" he tweeted.

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In one of the first signs that Kim was willing to concede Punggye-ri, he announced last month that the site had "done its job".

Moon said Monday that the North's move shows how honest the country is about making the talks between Kim and Trump a success.

Among m is commitment to stop hostile acts on both sides of border, open a joint office in border town of Kaesong (North Korea), establish ways of economic cooperation or prepare next meeting of separate families By Korean War, reports agency Korean Yonhap.

However, Pyongyang has yet to say whether it will give up its nuclear weapons and dismantle related facilities other than Punggye-ri.

However, analysts writing for the North Korea monitoring blog 38 Northreport that moves to tear down the site are already underway.

The researchers published an analysis of satellite images from May 7th of the nuclear facility on Monday.

The dismantling of the nuclear test site is welcome news, but it follows assertions by the regime that North Korea has completed its nuclear force and achieved its historic mission.