Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 Let's Your Tile a Wall With Screens


It is worth to take a note that the new Surface Hub 2 will be available for purchases in 2019 albeit the product will be tested with some selected commercial customers in this year. The new Surface Hub 2 is a massive 55-inch 4K collaborative display meant to replace mundane, old boards in corporate conference rooms. It has 4K cameras that rotate with the device, integrated speakers and far field mic arrays as well as the standard Surface 3×2 aspect ratio. Up to four Surface Hub 2s can be tiled together in either portrait or landscape mode.

Although Microsoft did not reveal much about the specs, the thing that Microsoft shared in the blog post compels us to think that the company is taking computing to a level higher.

The Surface Hub 2 interface, as shown in this Microsoft demonstration video. Microsoft has clearly listened to customer feedback and is working on making the device more affordable as well.

And Microsoft loves their hinges and this device is no different, it can now rotate 90 degrees. The company says to get the most out of this new hardware, using Microsoft 365 will provide the best experience but know that you don't need to be paying for every Microsoft service to find value in this new product.

Powering the Surface Hub is Windows 10 Team, a customized version of Windows 10 Enterprise. I am not exactly sure what Microsoft considers to be a competitive device.

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Seiler said "dynamic collaboration" is what will set the Surface Hub 2 apart from other similar devices. Microsoft says that there are 5,000 companies using Surface Hubs, including half of Fortune 100 companies. Can be used in either landscape or portrait mode.

The updated software is also designed with Microsoft's Fluent Design, so it already looks much better than the original Surface Hub's software.

Three years ago, Microsoft announced the first-generation Surface Hub, a giant touchscreen created to make collaboration brainstorms marginally less soul-sucking. We were told to expect more information about Surface Hub 2 in late summer/early fall.

Microsoft also promises that Surface Hub 2 will support multi-user sign in, so multiple people can authenticate in the same workspace and simultaneously share their documents.

Yet, if there's one thing that Google's Chromebooks demonstrated easily it's that the educational sector is ripe for targeting by tech companies if they keep prices in check.