Elton Brand to represent Sixers at NBA Draft Lottery


This is done for the first three picks. That pick is the 12th-best heading into the draft.

Here's a look at all the NBA draft lottery odds, per NBA.com, as well what to watch on Tuesday. However, the odds are not necessarily awful and some miracle could happen; we have seen it before, we may see it again.

The odds of landing a top 3 pick stand at 18.3% and moving up into one of those slots would be just the 3rd time in the lottery era where the Kings would draft that high.

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Not much difference there between the two picks.

One of these teams will get the Lakers' pick in this draft, which has a minuscule (1.1 percent) chance of being the No. 1 pick and a 2.9 percent chance of rising to the top three. Any order within the top three will lose the selection and practically guarantee that their own pick doesn't land in the top-three. Most likely, the Nuggets will receive the 14th overall pick, where prospects such as Texas A&M center Robert Williams, Kentucky small forward Kevin Knox and Kentucky point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander could be available for selection. The team will have an 8.4 percent chance of receiving the seventh pick and a 0.4 percent chance of receiving the eighth pick. However, when compared to other things, that is not all bad. It's unlikely, but it happened in 2007 when the Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle SuperSonics and Atlanta Hawks moved from outside of the top three to the inside.

Chances of having twins (1.5 percent) per TwinsUK. There sure are a lot of people that get struck by lightning. In the current format, the team with the worst record in the National Basketball Association has a 25 percent chance, and each team following has a smaller chance at landing the top pick. As cool as it would be, do not expect anything insane.