Google plans to make slow security patches a thing of the past


Think about it, whenever you use a digital assistant you implicitly tell the company behind it that it's okay for your smartphone, speaker, or computer, to record your voice and send voice data to that company.

Google said it will roll out the technology, called Duplex, as an experiment in coming weeks.

In February, a group of former Apple, Facebook, and Google employees formed an anti-tech addiction coalition called the Center for Humane Technology. What we do know is that Google continues to make updates an important subject, just as we the consumers do. As the name suggests, the feature helps you decide if a place is right for you, depending on your own drinks/food preferences you provided. For example, "I haven't seen you" might be autocompleted to "I haven't seen you in a while and I hope you're doing well". The feature will start rolling out this month. We will see a new Chrome design, revamped version of Google News, addition of great features in Google Assistant and much more.

There was also an announcement about Google's cloud-based photo service Google Photos. With the help of this, we can generate speech which mimics any human voice and sounds much more natural.

LENS: Google's visual assistant will be built into the camera.

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Now, Google assistant can speak in two different tones, both men and women and six different voices.

ANDROID P: The version of Google's Android phone software will infuse basic functions with AI smarts.

At Google I/O today, CEO Sundar Pichai said these controls are all part of the company's new "digital wellbeing" initiative, which is created to help consumers keep their tech habits in check. For outlets with subscriptions, Google will allow you to subscribe directly through your Google account, without needing new passwords or credit-card information. The battery will adapt to how you use apps in order to conserve energy.

"We are designing this feature with disclosure built-in, and we will make sure the system is appropriately identified".

Samsung is getting snubbed on some of these new features, at least for now. To use the feature, select a time for your phone to enter "Do Not Disturb" mode; the phone's screen will shift into grayscale.