Android P makes Volvo's in-car infotainment system even better


Powered by Google's artificial intelligence foundation, Google Lens works by automatically identifying objects when users open the camera app on their phones. The latest Android P Developer Preview 2 packs tons of new features that were not part of the first developer preview that came out in March. You'll also see "actions" pop up in the app drawer and other places, shortcuts into specific tasks inside apps.

Similarly, there's also a new upcoming feature named Slices.

Android P also supports Interactive snippets and with the machine learning kit, developers can now use image labeling, text recognition, face detection, barcode scanning, Landmark detection or smart reply within the API. A new Google tool will diagnose diabetes and another will help doctors predict medical problems 24 to 48 hours before patients get sick.

Android P will also upgrade the way people navigate their phones.

Android TV will indicate specific programs which will auto-download and install throughout the setup procedure, however your permission will be asked before installation.

Android P is also about improving suggestions and making it simpler to help you perform the next action without going through too many steps in between. Important details are information about my own use: How much time do I spend with which service per day, how often do I unlock my smartphone, how many notifications do I receive and so on.

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At the event, Google CEO Sundar Pichai showed how Google Assistant can phone up and book a salon appointment based on a user's data by seemingly talking naturally with the human on the other end of the line.

Google previous year introduced a free utility called Family Link that lets parents control their children's Android use.

Facebook is changing the News Feed to boost well-being by showing more updates from friends and family. Qualcomm and MediaTek are the only two that will be available in many phones and deserve most of our attention, especially when it comes to Android P. You enable gesture navigation by navigating to Settings System Gestures and toggling "Swipe up on Home button" to On.

You can now swipe right on the Home button/pill to switch, one by one, through each of the apps in your most-recently-used apps list (the thumbnails that appear in the top of the Overview screen).

It was nearly impossible to tell the Google Assistant from the human salon worker, demonstrating just how blurred the lines between human and AI have become. The Google app on your Android handset will see the Android TV device and give you the option to quickly transfer Wi-Fi and account settings right over to the unit. At that time, Do Not Disturb mode will be activated and the screen will gradually turn monochrome.