Apple could soon sell video subscriptions through its TV app


This way users would no longer subscribe to streaming services through their individual apps that are available to download from the App Store.

This boosts the Apple TV app on various devices like iPads and iPhones, Bloomberg says this would also give the company another way for the tech giant to boost its service business.

With the move, Apple plans to begin selling subscriptions to certain video services - like HBO Go and Netflix - from its TV client, rather than asking users to subscribe to them through applications individually downloaded from the App Store. Apple is planning to have their TV app be the centralized place for all of these subscriptions.

Apple seems to be positioning its TV app as a hub for TV and video streaming services. Not only will it simplify things, it will also bolster the usage of the TV app because it would become a one-stop shop for looking, buying and watching content.

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Once a show has been selected, Apple sends customers outside of TV to view it. Bloomberg notes, however, that the firm could eventually bake the streaming element into its own application, instead of sending users to third parties.

Apple launched its TV app a couple of years ago after various stalled attempts to break into the subscription TV world. For example, you can subscribe to Netflix directly from the streaming video service through its website (and Apple gets no cut), or subscribe through Netflix's app using your Apple ID (which allows Apple to take a percentage).

Bloomberg has published a report with new details about how Apple plans to leverage its TV app on iOS and Apple TV to add new subscribers to its ecosystem.

Apple declined when asked to comment on its reported plan for the TV app.