Apple to replace 3D Touch with Cover Glass Sensor in upcoming iPhones


This is because it is likely to use a Cover Glass Sensor technology. The benefit of this new technology is that it will make the iPhone's display lighter and more resistant to impact. The CGS will also have a thin-film sensor to the touch film sensor which will be included in CGS but the goal of the film is still unknown.

With this new addition, Apple's upcoming iPhone will definitely see a 15 percent increase in the cost of the touch panel. Kuo believes Apple will then drop the 3D Touch functionality so the company doesn't have to increase the cost of the phone. One of the upcoming iPhone, suggested to be sporting a 6.1 inch display will ditch the feature to lower cost of the display panel so as to lower the overall price of the phone. Kuo, in previous notes, has also mentioned that the 6.1-inch model might be available in two variants, one that comes with regular single SIM card support and the second with dual-SIM dual standby support.

Maybe the new goal that apple has is the introduction of the iPhones with touch less gesture controls and maybe the CGS and the thin film sensor that is to be present I the new iPhones are surely a step towards that.

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3D Touch feature has been for a while that allows user to access shortcuts by pressing hard on the screen. In a new report, KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo is sharing a few more details for what to expect with the LCD model. This is mainly attributed to its much more affordable price tag and the similarities in features with the pricier 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. This would be an interesting development as considering Apple's 3D touch is well integrated into the OS at this point.

Apple is planning to incorporate the CGS display technology into its future iPhones, including OLED models starting in 2019, 3D Touch might be removed from all future iPhones, as per the KGI reports.