Arresting officer's actions 'one shining moment' in Toronto van attack


The suspect's post also referred to the "Incel Rebellion" - "incel" is short for "involuntarily celibate" and is often used in connection with online groups of sexually frustrated men who are known to rant against women.

The man accused in a van attack that left 10 people dead in Toronto had spent two months with the Canadian Armed Forces past year, and was considered a below-average recruit who wasn't adjusting well to military life, a defence source said Tuesday. But a United States law enforcement official with knowledge of the case said Minassian was known to authorities.

Experts say the powerful video of Alek Minassian's arrest reveals a textbook case of an officer defusing danger through a series of life-and-death choices based on training and a calm mind.

Andrew, who said one pedestrian got hit directly in front of his apartment building, was among hundreds who laid flowers, candles and other tributes around the crime scene near Yonge Street and Finch Avenue.

The two male victims we know about are Chul Min (Eddie) Kang, known as an fantastic chef at a downtown steakhouse with an addictive smile; and Munir Najjar, who was here from Jordan with his wife to visit their son, a vocalist with the Canadian Arabic Orchestra. A GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $56,000 to care for the precious seven-year-old son she's left behind.

He said a number of the victims were older people and that he saw at one point a stroller fly into the air.

He said he was out for a walk when the van came barreling behind him. He just started hitting everybody, man.

"D'Amico's Facebook page says she attended Ryerson University in Toronto".

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At first, he thought the collision was a hit-and-run.

DeMatos said he stopped to help another victim, who was already being aided by someone.

"I've never anxious about him". A neighbour said Forsyth's nephew called her to say she had died. "There was garbage cans everywhere, broken bus shelters and mailboxes on the ground". The Associated Press reported witnesses said he appeared to intentionally jump a curb in the North York neighborhood as people filled the sidewalks on a warm afternoon. Of the eight others taken to Sunnybrook, five remained in critical condition and three were listed as serious.

Cellphone video obtained by CNN partner CTV appears to show a tense standoff with a suspect after the incident. As Michael Lyman, a professor of criminal justice at Columbia College of Missouri, told the BBC, American police officers would probably feel a "duty" to kill the suspect. The man is yelling and extending one arm, pointing an object at an officer standing behind a black auto. The man appeared to be pointing an object at an officer, who has his own weapon drawn. The officer orders him again to get down, warning he will be shot if he doesn't.

Victim of Toronto van attack Anne Marie D'Amico.

Wendy Cukier, a professor in the business school at Toronto's Ryerson University and president of Canada's Coalition for Gun Control, said Canada may avoid some types of violence because its social programs are stronger than those in many USA states and there is less income inequality.

"The tournament was such a large part of her life, and we were so lucky to have her on our team each summer. But he's more concerned with 10 people being dead, 15 people being injured, why now and what's happening in this city".

"The events that took place yesterday in Toronto were a senseless attack and a horrific tragedy", Trudeau said, extending condolences to the victims and thanks to the first responders on the scene. "They faced danger without a moment of hesitation, and there is no doubt that their courage saved lives and prevented further injuries".