CPM re-elects Sitaram Yechury as party's General Secretary


It was insinuated that it's a clash between the current general secretary of the party, Sitaram Yechury, acknowledged as the architect of the minority line, and the previous incumbent, Prakash Karat, who has articulated the majority view of the Central Committee.

The decision was taken during party's 22nd congress in Hyderabad. "We take forward the Visakhapatnam Party Congress resolution that we need a broad mobilization of all democratic and secular forces against communalism", it said further.

Last week, seven Opposition parties came together to move for the impeachment of Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, on which Yechury had initiated the task of consensus-building in January.

At the conclusion of the 22 Congress, the party also elected a new 95-member central committee unanimously.

Earlier, the official draft presented at the party congress had said the party should unite secular democratic forces "without having an understanding or electoral alliance with the Congress party". This time around, in changing scenario, Sitaram Yechury has got a political lifeline in CPM and that is truly reflected in final resolution adopted by the party as well. Both could not find a place and instead CITU general secretary Tapan Sen and senior leader Nilotpal Basu made the cut.

On Day 3 of the congress on 20 April, Yechury said members were in agreement that "our main fight is against the BJP/RSS and to defeat this Government" and called for strengthening of the "party, our unity and our fight to defeat this Government". Whether the Karat camp does prop up a candidate against Yechury remains to be seen.

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However, Yechury and others argued that Sarkar leaving Tripura, barely a month after the party suffered a defeat in the assembly polls there, would be demoralising for the state unit.

But in the amended document, it is now written that the party can unite secular democratic forces "without having a political alliance with the Congress party", thus keeping the doors open for an electoral understanding.

Although initially everyone played down the possibility of a change of guard, it became evident that the Karat camp was exploring the possibility of dethroning Yechury after the election of the fresh central committee.

"This is the line which advocates our independent struggle, advocates strengthening of Left identity, advocates people's struggle and which says we will pool anti-BJP votes", she said.

Politburo member Brinda Karat while addressing a press conference on the report said it is a fact that the Left party has a culture of debates and discussion.