Teacher Victory: Kentucky Lawmakers Override Budget Veto


Bevin's comments came after thousands of teachers swarmed the Capitol, a lot of them hoping lawmakers would override his vetoes on budget and revenue bills.

Lawmakers have the opportunity to override the vetoes on Friday or Saturday, but haven't indicated whether they will, except to say Bevin's interpretations of the bills are "misguided".

"I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them", said Bevin.

Somewhere in Kentucky children were sexually assaulted, exposed to drugs or hurt because schools were closed Friday as teachers across the state rallied at the Capitol, Gov. Matt Bevin told reporters Friday night.

Mary Nishimuta, executive director of the Kentucky Democratic Party, said Bevin's comments "crossed a line". It's unclear if the House will act on the resolution. Gov. Bevin announced Monday, April 9, 2018, that he will veto a tax increase and 2-year operating budget GOP legislature approved in part for education.

The Kentucky Education Association strongly opposes a pension reform bill that Gov. Matt Bevin signed this week under which new hires will have to enter a hybrid cash-balance plan, as opposed to a traditional pension.

Educators want those bills to become law because they generate new revenue which will restore funding to public education - funding that Bevin proposed cutting. Bevin said Hoover, "a married man, was sexually involved with a very young single member of his staff and was paying hush money to hide his actions". Rep. Joni Jenkins, D-Shively, said the bill raises new money "on working folks" while "giving a $500 million rebate to our wealthiest and corporations".

The house voted 57-40 to override the veto of the tax increase and 66-28 to override the veto of the budget. But 57 House Republicans, later joined by just enough Senate Republicans, voted to override, asserting their independence after a tumultuous year marred by a sexual harassment scandal.

The measures will raise revenue for the state over the next two years by levying a 6 percent sales tax on a variety of services, including auto and home repairs, to pay for higher school spending.

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Current benefits for teachers will go untouched, but there will be a new pension plan for incoming ones.

The Senate later voted 26-12 to override the budget veto.

Teachers descended again on Frankfort Friday to demand legislative support for education funding. They said that the tax growth disproportionately hurts the poor when. But they also applauded Republicans who said they were voting to override the vetoes in order to fund education.

"That's why teachers were in Frankfort, not to stand up for themselves, but to stand up for funding for their schools and their kids so they'd have what they need to help them be successful". "But what they're doing now impacts my students and their students".

Bevin spoke to Conway about the reaction after he put more money in the budget for pensions than his predecessor, Democrat Steve Beshear, did in eight years.

Sherri Botts teaches fifth grade in Lexington.

"We acknowledge neither bill gives the citizens of the Commonwealth everything that our students, their parents, and our communities need." the Kentucky Education Association said on Facebook.

"There are protests and rallies going on all across this commonwealth".