More data breaches 'possible' says Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg


Wylie said it was hard to verify how many people had access to the Facebook information or derivatives of that data "because it was a lot of people", according to a partial transcript released by the network.

According to Facebook, they are telling news websites that they are planning to launch an "unsend" feature, one which will be available not just to Zuckerberg but also to all other Facebook users. The social networking company developed the unsend capability to allow its own executives to delete messages, but failed to pass this on to Facebook members.

A key for question for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg when he testifies before Congress next week about the Cambridge Analytica data scandal is likely to be how long the company's executives were aware of the issue before it was publicly disclosed.

In the same interview, Sandberg pushed back against the often-repeated but suddenly fast-spreading notion that user data is Facebook's primary product - though on largely semantic grounds.

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TechCrunch says revealing plans for the Unsend button now could serve to dampen the backlash by making Zuckerberg look like a beta tester of the feature, and eventually normalizing Unsend as a common behavior.

"We have [internally] discussed this feature several times", the company said in a statement sent to Quartz. "And people using our secret message feature in the encrypted version of Messenger have the ability to set a timer - and have their messages automatically deleted", a Facebook spokesperson claimed.

Today's news could not come at a worse time for Facebook, as several users that have had conversations with Zuckerberg have seen messages and entire threads disappear. Facebook said that the feature exists for corporate security reasons related to the Sony hack of 2014, but it yet feels elitist, especially in the light of broader critiques of the privacy practices of the company. When that timer expires, the messages are removed from the sender's and receiver's inboxes. "We should have done this sooner - and we're sorry that we did not", the spokesperson added. These included limiting the retention period for Mark's messages in Messenger. But I guess we'll take what we can get. "AggregateIQ works in full compliance within all legal and regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions where it operates". However, as for this feature, it was by default enabled for the CEO and other Facebook executives on their regular chats.

The controversial organization's answer was in response to a notice sent by the Indian government in March about whether it used Facebook data of Indians for its work on elections in India.