Why Snooki Might Not Return for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2


JWoww says Sammi Sweetheart's sex doll stand-in offered some good times for the 'Jersey Shore' cast. but it sounds like she misses the real McCoy. For example, she wiped the slate clean with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, whom she previously thought was "the worst" person.

Believe it or not, the OG BFF's of the shore, Snooki and JWoww, are both married with children.

Some from the "Jersey Shore" family, including Farley and Polizzi, who starred in "Snooki & JWoww" from 2012 to 2015, the most successful of MTV's four spinoff shows, have started families of their own.

Something else that's changed since Polizzi's Jersey Shore days?

Even after the show went dark, its legacy still seems to have burrowed its way deep into the heart of American pop culture. After their baby shower in March, Jen wrote "Ronnie and I had the most awesome baby shower yesterday, we are so thankful to have such good friends and family to come support us and fly in from all over the country!"

Ahead of their reunion special, titled Family Vacation, the now grown up party people are in the United Kingdom to promote the show - and met up with the Newcastle Radgie collective in the process. That doesn't usually happen with shows like that.

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"Family's always first, but it's exhausting being a mom". He hates pictures, he hates this fame life. "I'm feeling very uncomfortable". "I just think he was scared", Polizzi, 30, told Newsweek in a phone interview. DelVecchio also has a daughter and Ortiz-Magro became a new dad this week.

There are babies and husbands and fiancées in the mix, but our favorite Bennys remain creatures of habit. Giancola, who dated Ortiz-Magro, declined to take part. In happier news, he's been sober for over two years! When they were a little hungover, I was dancing in the morning because I was sober. She said, "Ron lands at seven so we have five hours. It's not complete unless all of us do it".

Snooki further explained that if the format doesn't change she's going to pull out of season two.

Nathan Henry, Sophie Kasaei, Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland hit London toon for the day to talk all things Shore.

"I always say we're the flawless amount of different (now)", Guadagnino said. "But at the same time, you put us all in a house again, and it's the same shenanigans".

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is here and the show is airing on the MTV network.