Mexican Government is Breaking Up Migrant Caravan


This response is part of a growing discontent on the part of the Central American governments - especially the Mexican one - for President Trump's threats to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) if Mexico and Honduras did not "deal with" the caravan of Central Americans going to the border.

Faced with the "disrespectful and insulting" insistence of the United States president - especially after ordering the deployment of troops to the border - the Senate has responded through the suspension of bilateral cooperation in migration, considering that his behavior "is based on prejudice and misinformation", frequently resorting to "threat and blackmail", according to Senator Laura Rojas Hernández, who read the statement before the full Senate, as EFE reported.

Rojas described Trump's decision as disrespectful, insulting, based on prejudices and misinformation with frequent use of threats and tricks, jeopardizing all the efforts done jointly by both nations.

In separate messages, the candidates Ricardo Anaya, Jose Antonio Meade and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for national unity and condemned the deployment of US troops along the border.

"This anti-Mexican policy has worked politically because unfortunately there are conservative sectors in the United States with little information and he knows how to awaken an anti-Mexican sentiment, what's called xenophobia, which can be like racism, hatred of foreigners", Lopez Obrador said.

The caravan, estimated to contain more than 1,000 migrants, is part of an annual caravan that is meant to raise awareness of the struggles that immigrants making the journey from Mexico to the U.S. face.

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US-Mexican ties have been strained since Trump won office on the back of a campaign heavy on anti-Mexican rhetoric.

"We will reach Puebla in different buses".

It also declared that 465 migrants had requested transit visas, of which 230 had obtained it while 168 would get another type of visa so they can stay in the country.

The caravan of migrants originally numbered around 1,500. The government said it deported some 400 people and would offer refugee status to others.

The caravan, called "the Migrant's Way of the Cross", temporarily stopped in the southern state of Oaxaca, where some of its members asked the government for transit visas. For the organizers, the multitude guaranteed more attention to the plight of the migrants, many of whom were fleeing hardship and violence.