Fortnite Battle Royale: All Hidden Gnome Locations


The higher the rarity, the higher the price. There is no limit to the number of Vending Machine items that can be purchased in a given match.

For example, items found in a Common (white) version will cost 100 materials whereas items found in an Epic (purple) version will cost 400 materials.

Vending Machines come as part of the most recent Fortnite update, and work just as you might imagine them to: to purchase a trade materials.

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If you're wondering where are all the vending machines locations in Fortnite then click through our gallery above. The problem is that you need to find one to take advantage of the opportunity to buy weapons and items from them. They do not always appear in the same locations.

One challenge that has left players scratching their heads this week is to find hidden gnomes in various named locations. Going forward, Epic will deliver new content every other week without having to push out an update. More importantly, balance changes are being implemented for weapons. The list includes- suppressed submachine gun, burst assault rifle, pistol, revolver, tactical submachine gun, suppressed pistol, assault rifle, and hand cannon. As the damage falloff, the distance at which their damage is diminished also has been changed. Epic will also now be updating the game every two weeks.

It was released for console and PC gamers in September 2017, and is thought to already have upwards of 45m players, but the iOS release marks the first time it has been available to those playing on mobile. More information the people could check out what the full 3.4 update recently added as well as the recent PS4 patch that mistakenly turned out to be much bigger in size than intended.